We have gotten in some blood work from one of our customers who used the ultimate stack post his steroid use here is what he had to say:

I’m very pleased with the results of the res100 stack i have been running it now for 8 weeks post cycle from a sus250 cycle i used the HCG during the cycle as suggest 2x per week and stopped it about 3 weeks after my last shot. It has been great i am off cycle and i have still gained weight over the last 8 weeks. Like i said on the phone i have not been taking anything else with the stack so there is nothing else that can effect the results. My doctor was amazed at the results and i asked if i could retest again in a few weeks.

Thanks for all your help mate i never knew half this stuff before hand.


The results shows a massive increase in LH and FSH the hormones responsible for testosterone and sperm production.scan0009re-744x1024


It also shows the positive effects of massaging testosterone creation in the right areas can increase testosterone levels.