• Complete vitamin E supplement contains all 8 isomers
  • Increases LH and HCG potency and absorption
  • Increases testosterone production
  • Promote hair growth and prevents hair loss
  • Clears plaque from artery walls for cardiovascular health
  • Raises HDL while reducing LDL cholesterol

TOCOCAPS – Our Patented Hair Growth Formula That Boosts Your Testosterone Levels and Stops Hair Loss Fast

TocoCaps is an all-natural supplement extracted from Palm Fruit that prevents hair loss whilst promoting hair regrowth. The superior vitamin E formula has been clinically proven to stimulate hair re-growth, optimise and stimulate testosterone production, as well as support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:2 Capsules = 630mg
Servings per container: 50

Amount Per Serving %DV*
(Tocomin®) 130mg**
d-alpha-tocotrienol 30mg**
d-beta-tocotrienol 4mg**
d-gamma-tocotrienol 52mg**
d-delta-tocotrienol 14mg**
d-alpha-tocopherols 30mg†
d-beta-tocopherols 500mcg**
d-gamma-tocopherols 315mcg**
d-delta-tocopherols 31mcg**

Naturally Occurring Phyto-nutrients 30mg**
Plant Squalene 22mg**

Mixed Plant Sterols
(beta-sitosterol campesterol stigmasterol) 8mg**

Mixed Carotenoids
(A-carotene B-carotene Y-carotene) 200mcg**
Co-Enzyme Q10 10mcg**

*Daily Value
**Daily Value not established †30mg=44.7 IU (200% RDA)

Do you want a head like Russel Brand?

Ok, well maybe not the face and teeth… but the hair? A strong, unashamed, full head of hair?

Use TocoCaps to stop hair loss in its tracks and stimulate hair regrowth instantly. You’ll start to look your sharpest, your confidence will skyrocket, and you’ll actually feel proud of your hair once again.

  • The TocoCaps formula has been patented (5) for its benefits in preventing hair loss, clinically proven to prevent hair loss and increase hair regrowth by 42% after only 8 months of supplementation (6,7).
  • The specific tocotrienol : tocopherol ratio promotes hair regrowth especially well in individuals diagnosed with alopecia (hair loss or baldness).
  • Because Toco’s are fat-soluble they simply pass through cell membranes to be easily absorbed by your body, as opposed to synthetic alpha-tocopherol which is not readily absorbed or utilised (8).

A clear link between Hair Loss and Heart Disease

Over an 11 year study of 22,071 males researchers have found a clear link between hair loss and heart disease. They proposed that much of today’s hair loss is early signs of heart disease. Since the capillaries and arteries in the very small area between the skull and the scalp are so small they are one of the first areas to be effected by heart disease. Since Tocotrienols/Tocopherols attach to cholesterol and work through the cardiovascular system and have the ability to remove plaque and soften arteries this has been shown as one of the best ways to treat hair loss. And restart the flow of blood and nutrients to the scalp. (22)


Feeling deflated and uninspired – almost like a shell of your former self? It could be due to low testosterone.

Low testosterone (hypogonadism) is becoming an increasingly common problem for many males, with symptoms including gradual hair loss, muscle loss, and sexual difficulties.

TocoCaps is one of the very first natural products that optimizes and supports male testosterone production.

Tocotrienols found in TocoCaps can help optimize your testosterone production, putting your body’s hormone system back on track.

  • Research with animals and humans show that tocotrienols can support testosterone production (2-4).
  • The key to rebooting testosterone production is with Luteinizing Hormone (LH). LH is the hormone that signals testosterone production from the male testes. Tocotrienols have been found to boost testicular sensitivity to the effects of LH (3). By increasing the sensitivity of your testes cells, LH can have a greater effect, thus improving your testosterone production.

How are your stress levels lately?

Stress is widely believed to be one of the main contributors to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis. It’s a combination of these factors which cause heart disease and other cardiovascular problems (2).shutterstock_128706380

Because of our sedentary 21st century lifestyles, coupled with constant poor food choices, heart disease is really taking its toll. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. More than half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2009 were in men (9).

Fortunately, it’s been recently discovered that the natural vitamins and antioxidants from TocoCaps can restore healthy circulation. A smoother, more powerful blood flow means improved heart health.

  • Palm fruit antioxidants found in TocoCaps can increase the amount of cleansing protein apolipoprotein A-1 (APOA1) precursor by 30% after 6 months (10), which helps clear artery walls of fatty plaque and blockages. This ensures your blood vessels remain clean with a strong blood flow. (10,11,12).
  • Known to protect nitric oxide from oxidative damage, which provides vessel walls with 10% greater dilation and elasticity (13,14,15). This helps prevent arteries from becoming stiff, rigid, allowing an increased blood flow when demands are high.
  • Helps to prevent sticky, artery-clogging cholesterol plaque from forming in the blood vessels by neutralising and preventing oxidative damage. This can prevent large blockages building up in your arteries, especially near the heart (16,17,18).
  • No known drug interactions (19).
  • In 2008, the Journal of Pharmacal Research published findings that 100mg of  tocotrienols/tocopherols with naturally occuring carotenoids taken daily for 6 weeks improved artery flexibility and circulation. (20)
  • In 2012, the European Journal of Nutrition published findings that tocotrienols/tocopherols with naturally occuring carotenoids taken daily for 6 months reduced markers of inflammation and plaque formation. (21)

TocoCaps Reviews:

James: Hi guy’s just wanted to let you know the TocoCaps have totally changed my hairline, it grows faster now and the coverage is so much better….my barber is happy about it he can see the difference. I took these pictures today the first one I was at a friends wedding in April i didn’t start the TocoCaps until about 3 weeks after this date and today these are my after pictures I feel so much more confident now love the product.

Justin: Just wanna say, that the tococaps is unreal, after 1 day of using it i’ve lost the itchy dry scalp, also feels like its got some life too it! definitely recommend this product!

Corey: Im one day in, and already my hair feels more of life, its not itchy and dry, very impressed with this product.

Epicmanlet: I took a certain DHT and was literally shedding until I took toco caps. This stuffs a great all round supp and I’ll definitely be buying again.

Corey: 3-4 days off tococaps and head sculp is itchy. my lazy fault I still got a batch in the fridge just have to take it out and put with me daily vitamin mix.

Sam: Just a quick word about my positive experience with Toco’s. Ordinarily i don’t go for this type of thing but my experience really has been so positive I felt compelled to relay my feedback.

For quite a long time I suffered from what I just assumed was dandruff, no shampoo would tackle it so I was prescribed a steroid ointment by my GP. It turned out it was not Dandruff it was far worse, I dont recall what she said, but it was death, and most uncomfortable – it was some serious shit that would never go away, Im talking a couple years here. Anyways long story short the steroid ointment really did sweet FA, and I was resigned to a lifetime of uncomfortable itching and dirty flaking until Toco’s. Basically I am all clear now, and feel like a million bucks when It comes to my scalp. I don’t know why and frankly i don’t care what it is in them that helps, but it has worked! Probably would be of some use to provide more info but I don’t have any… I just cant put into words how psyched I am that I seem to be cured of this ailment!

Why are TocoCaps so effective?

Vitamin E in its natural form actually consists of 8 different isomers, or compounds, that make it whole. They can be broken down into two groups, known as the Tocopherol, Tocotrienol family:

The Tocopherols The Tocotrienols
  • alpha-tocopherol
  • alpha-tocotrienol
  • beta-tocopherol
  • beta-tocotrienol
  • gamma-tocopherol
  • gamma-tocotrienol
  • delta-tocopherol
  • delta-tocotrienol

The vitamin E supplements available in the past (and the generic supplements on shelves today) usually contain just one of the isomers alpha-tocopherol. However, it’s now understood that the tocotrienols and tocopherols combined demonstrate the strongest health benefits for improving hair regrowth as well as cardiovascular health (5-6, 13-17).


What’s more, the National Academy of Sciences has found that supplementing with alpha-tocopherol alone actually depletes the body of the other vitamin E isomers (including all the beneficial tocotrienols).

This is where TocoCaps unique, patented combination of all 8 tocopherols and tocotrienols differentiates itself from the rest (5).

100% Natural Ingredients

TocoCaps are made from a tocotrienol/tocopherols (Toco’s) complex – derived solely from palm fruits – which guarantees you’re consuming only 100% natural ingredients.

  • Harnesses all 8 isomers that make up the vitamin E family, unlike generic vitamin E supplements which use soybean oil to synthetically craft alpha-tocopherol (an incomplete unnatural synthetic form of Vitamin E).

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

For those concerned about the sustainability of the Palm industry, rest assured that our Palm fruit is sourced only from farms which are part of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).


Members of the RSPO all follow sustainable best-practices to protect the local flora and fauna. These farms are all for rainforest preservation, helping to protect the habitat of native animal species which include the endangered Borneo and Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran tigers, and Sumatran rhinos.

New palm oil plantations (created after 2005) have severely contributed to deforestation and the subsequent decline of wildlife. In order to further support the sustainable Palm industry, we’re avoiding fruits produced from newly cleared forest lands such as on Sumatra and Borneo, working only with existing croplands in Malaysia (25+ year old crops).

Recommended Use:
Each Container of TocoCaps contains 100 capsules enough to last 50 days.
Take 2 capsules daily.
Take with or without food.

Store in a dry cool place away from light.



Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not to be used as a sole source of nutrition, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Ultimate Stack986x552-LR-Trans-Toco


All 3 products can be stacked together to have a synergistic effect to further enhance testosterone levels.


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