TocoCaps is a tocotrienol complex extracted from Palm Fruits (elaies guineensis) and has recently been patented for its effect on improving hair count by an average of 42% in men and women suffering from alopecia. Please see a quote directly from the human study –

  • “At the end of the supplementation period, all volunteers in the tocotrienol formulation group had positive results, recording an increase in the number of hairs in the evaluation area. Seven volunteers (64%) showed regrowth of between 10-35% while 3 volunteers (27%) had 50% or greater regrowth. One volunteer had regrowth of more than 100%. The mean percentage of increase in the number of hairs is 42.4.+-.40.9% (mean.+-).”

To read the full patent, please visit here –

More tocotrienol hair loss Studies:

toco study

Each tocotrienol capsule in this study contained 50 mg of mixed tocotrienols (30.8% ?-tocotrienol, 56.4% ?-tocotrienol and 12.8% ?-tocotrienol) as well as 23 IU of ?-tocopherol. The volunteers were required to take one capsule of either the placebo or tocotrienol twice daily after meal over a period of 8 months. Hence, the total daily intake of tocotrienols for each volunteer in the treatment group was 100 mg.

toco study 2

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