The below reviews and blood tests have been collected from people using Res100 who have been kind enough to write reviews about Res100 on many different internet forums.

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1. Got the results of some blood work back last weekend. In a range of 8-28nmol my test levels came in at 27nmol using the supplement for 4 weeks. Past results from the start of the year showed between 9 and 15nmol within the same test range of 8-28nmol for my total testosterone levels. One thing to also note is that the previous 4 blood tests I had prior to this (taken over a span of 3 years) have shown signs of hepatic cell damage to the liver. My levels are now well within the normal range. Dosage of the liquid res100 was at the recommended 2.5ml x 2 a day.…d-results.html

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3. Click Blood Tests to Enlarge:

I think the results speak for themselves. LH was 2.8IU now it is 6.5IU FSH was 2IU now it is 6IU Testosterone was 20nmol/L now it is 29nmol/L SHBG was 43nmol/L now it is 26nmol/L Free Testosterone was 88pmol/L now it is 118pmol/L


Joseph Janik Natural Bodybuilder: This stuff is absolutely amazing seriously cannot believe the results me and my close friends have had from using it going form border line low testosterone to high end of normal, and friends seeing an increases of over 300% in nautral tests levels with the blood work to show for it! (4nmol – 17 nmol in 4 weeks)



Adam ANB Bodybuilder:I was sceptical about the RES100 but thought I would at least give it a try.. Best test boosting supplement I have ever used and the blood test results prove it, going from 4.33nmol/L to 16.3nmol/L. Started taking the RES100 and within 2 weeks noticed things were improving. Did RES for approx 5 weeks. Eventually got a booking to go back and see the specialists and got blood work done and was shocked to see how much the levels had improved. Been training for approx 6 years.. Done 4 Natural BB Comps.. so no stranger to BB or competing and wasted alot of money over the years on supps that dont work. Will definetly be buying RES100 again. Both for offseason and comp prep.

Adam’s Blood tests: Click on Blood tests to enlarge:

Before Res100 Blood test                                       After 5 weeks on Res100

7. The Ultimate stack blood test results using Res100, DAA, Tococaps, ZMA: I’m very pleased with the results of the res100 stack i have been running it now for 8 weeks post cycle from a sus250 cycle i used the HCG during the cycle as suggest 2x per week and stopped it about 3 weeks after my last shot. It has been great i am off cycle and i have still gained weight over the last 8 weeks. Like i said on the phone i have not been taking anything else with the stack so there is nothing else that can effect the results. My doctor was amazed at the results and i asked if i could retest again in a few weeks.

8. 8th July 2010. 1 Week update

What’s definite # Im definitely sleeping better, Im falling a sleep with-in 30 minutes which is said to be near optimum compared to sometimes lying in bed through-out the night not being able to fall asleep. My sleep is not broken up compared to the 1-2 times I usually wake to have a slash. Im waking up after 8 hours like clockwork & have no trouble getting out of bed compared to sleeping for random periods & snoozing for at least an hour.

Could be effects/ placebo # My sex drive seems to have improved, im not a walking hard-on but I do appreciate a slim/ curvey/ toned/ busty/ blonde/ brown etc (get me ) & get worked up over it.. lol Opposed to having a fine check list to tick off before to arouse interest. # My strength & performance in the gym seems to be on the rise also. # I also feel better all round.. more confident, witty & enthusiastic..

16th July 2010 16 days in, I can confirm that I am an walking erection & it’s quite embarrassing walking round with the misses in public. Also might add, my sperm production has literally doubled (as in volume) … Strength seems to be coming along nicely.

17th August 2010 Nearly finished a bottle, here are my findings ~Better quality of sleep, sleeping through the whole night & not wanting to sleep in anymore opposed to sleeping in up until 10-11 on weekends. ~Improved libido, never have trouble get aroused anymore.. It’s a noticeable improvement. ~Mood, I used to swing from mood to mood before, I’ve seen a vast improvement in the last month or two.. Im regulating my mood much better. ~I do feel a little stronger in the gym & my volume has definitely taken an upward hike, training up to 2 hours regularly. The above is what I have noticed/ felt & I think it warrants/ justifies me buying another bottle & recommending it to 3 of my friends for purchase.…l-100-log.html

9. Well after 4-5 days of taking it heres my opinion, got more energy during the day FOR SURE, really feel “good” for some reason (cant really explain it) id say its just the energy increase, my sleeps are now really deep and am finding Im getting better rest because of this, but not waking up grogy.

Is it worth it? Yes. Just the extra energy i get and the sleeps im getting are really good, old man reckons ive been more positive since taking the stuff (i dunno about that) so Im happy to keep using it. will update for long term affects on muscle later on..…rol-100-a.html

10. 16th July 2010 Decided to give it a go after it was suggested to help with insulin resistance. Honestly I didn’t expect anything but since I found nothing to say it’s kill me or turn me purple I decided a firm “why not?”

I’m on day 3 and I don’t know if it’s me imagining it, or if it’s because of something completely different but I feel GREAT. I have so much more energy than I usually do. I’m sleeping better, I need less coffee (and as a huuuuuge coffee drinker that’s a big thing). usually I’d drink 5+ cups a day and flake out by 9pm now I think I could survive a day on one cup and still work out in the evening. My house is cleaner than it’s been in a long time and I am possibly slightly hyperactive. my blood preasure feels ‘normal’ rather than low and I just feel really good.

26th July 2010 Still feeling really good. For the first time since, well, forever the boys have gotten sick and I was sick and sniffly for about 3 hours yesterday. Usually they come down with something for a few days and I’m knocked half out for 2 weeks (mainly because as a stay at home mum I don’t get days off so I never take the time to recover properly). Not only that I ended up going on a spur of the moment 2 hour hike yesterday afternoon and I could have done it again even with the momentary cold I got.…rol-100-a.html

11. Here’s my review on R-100 on a few different test subjects.

Now i wish i had gotten blood tests from my clients but unfortunately it was hard to come by with their busy schedules. i trialled R-100 on 3 of my clients, one middle age, one 60+ and one female in mid 30’s…all have been training consistantly for 2+ years.

11.1 The most significant and standout result was from the 60+ male….after returning low test levels he was prescribed andriol, now already having prostate issues this made it worse. After only 1 dose of R-100 he reported this to me the next day…due to the inflamed prostate he would usually wake up 2-3 times every night to urinate, the 1st day of R-100 he was able to get a continuous sleep through the whole night, the inflammation of his prostate has now decreased quite alot.

11.2 The middle age male reported significant increases in energy levels and well being throughout his day, and increased strength during weights.

11.3 The female result was a bit of a surprise, she didn’t report any benefits for at least 2.5 weeks, by the end of the 3rd week i was noticing a lot of aggression during her weights sessions, she report dramatic increases in her libido….and most surprising of all under her own admission…she reported the skin on the back of her thighs to have tightened up and there was visible reduction in cellulite.

These are what my clients reported to me directly. i must say after a bit of scepticism i’m very curious to see what effects the ongoing administration of R-100 will have on my clients. All in all some very promising results. Dev Personal Trainer from BodyLine Supplements Level 1, 258-272 Illawarra Rd Marrickville 2204 Tel: (02) 9573 1333

12. 17th March 2010 Quick Update: Blood test results before and after 1 week BEFORE-AFTER: LH: 2 – 4 FSH: 9 – 12 Test: 9nmol/l – 15nmol/l Free Test: 30 – 31 SHBG: 16 – 14

19th March 2010 Update: It all started with uncertainty and doubt about Resveratrol’s ability to increase Test. The first week I noticed nothing, it’s been 10 days now and the last few days my sex drive has increased slowly; i didn’t notice at first, but it must have been rising the last 5 days… i just realised today how much i’m thinking about sex and it clicked that this is exactly the same way i feel on tesosterone (not AS much but substantial improvement). So yes, this stuff has increased my sex drive, marginally increased test levels after 4 days, and the blood test in 2 weeks will be the real decider!

23rd March 2010 Update: It’s been 2 weeks since my first taste of Resveratrol. As most of you know I was very skeptical at first but now i’m convinced.

Day 7 – LH/Test levels had increased.
Day 10 – Felt more horny.
Day 14 – Feeling HORNY probably 70% like I did while on gear.
Possibly more frequent erections and easier to get physically aroused but still trying to decide if this is coincidence. I had a feeling ejaculation volume had increased but i am not getting regular sex and not masturbating so i cant be sure just yet. Feeling more happy, less stressed, stopped SSRI’s, feeling pretty good.
7th April 2010:
Finally got my bloods back. Before/After 25 days.
LH: 2 | 6
FSH: 9 | 14
Test: 9 l 20 (nmol/L)
SHBG: 16 | 14

I’m impressed with the result. I’ve never seen my test levels above 12 before. To think 1 week after starting it my test levels went from 9 to 15 nmol/l… amazing. LH trippled! SHBG lowered slightly and remained unchanged after 1 week. Definitely noticed libido increase. Felt a little better in terms of general wellbeing. I’d recommend this for people with low test, even for ppl with normal test. Forum Member: Plexus…-review-5.html

13. Wicked Resveratrol 100 Liquid or Powder 8/10 – this is proberly one of the ONLY Australian made PCT supplement that works as good if not better then all of the above in PCT. This made me have better and longer sleep patterns,waking up with wood and general feeling on a high. Used along side nolva after my last cycle and blood work was within normal range after 8 weeks post cycle. Awesome Product and only one of it’s kind available as yet i am lead to believe.

14. Not using it as PCT but just a test booster, really great product though – it gets two thumbs up from me as well…27&postcount=4

15. I am currently using Wicked supplements Res100 in the liquid. just as a general health thing. im already a good sleeper so no real improvement there but it has made my libido higher.…26&postcount=6

16. Look into Resveratrol. the best natural test booster i have used it Res100 by wicked supplements. i use it during my pct.…90&postcount=9

17. When Im on it I feel good. I sleep very well and have not been sick, mind you I don’t get sick very often anyway. Haven’t noticed too much of an effect on my libido though I did ramp the dose up a bit and felt the old joints drying out so maybe that’s why. I like the product a lot and the tococaps have become a staple whether Im taking the res100 or not…8&postcount=96

18. Best libido supplement Wicked supplements res100.

19. I’ve used and am currently using the old res100 powder. I’ve used it after H-drol and solo. Perfect recovery from h-drol and everything you would expect when used by itself. Increased libido, increased sense of well being, boners everywhere, etc, etc. To sum up, I think it works perfectly both as PCT (providing HCG is used for oils) and as a solo run.…45&postcount=4

20. After ON’s advice, I upped the dose from 2.5mL twice a day as per the bottle to 4mL twice a day… There’s a noticeable change now! Libido is higher, generally am more alert and awake during the day, gym strength is increasing, fat is coming off much easier.…html#post21260

21. I was using the powder verson while i was on tren e, it was the only thing that helped with sleep,…html#post21535

22. Its day 4 and ive noticed better sleep, deeper sleep, easy to wake up and i was sick this morning but i think somehow res has helped as i dont feel to bad now…html#post23106

23. I was taking the suggested 2.5ml (twice a day, gargling in mouth for 10mins) and noticed that my libido was dropping, so i lowered it to 1.5ml (twice a day, gargling in mouth for 10mins) and i feel horny throughout the day, blow huge loads, harder yet bigger hard ons, sleep is better, more energy throughout the day, less fatigued, increase in strength and muscle gain while on cut, fat loss rate is higher, angrier quicker, never get sick etc i could go on for ages…html#post26503

24. i came off cycle about 15 months ago and i didn’t use hcg, instead i bought the triple stack from ON, the stack had res + vit e + something else(blocks cortisol) lol, it had 3 seperate products. Resveratrol = increased libido, its as simple as that, i used half the recommended dose and my libido went up(i was juicing for 1.5 years prior to this), i guarantee it will do the same for any of you guys, try it and get back on here and let me know how you went!…html#post32353

25. Jumped back on res100 and god how much did it miss it…html#post32587

26. Been off the gear for a few weeks now and started my res100 up last week after finishing my hcg. All I can say is Wow. Its pretty amazing stuff, am I meant to feel awesome on it? What is that? Ive never experienced it from the juice, yet this makes me feel more how do I describe it, muscular and tense, im planning a blood test very soon so ill keep you all posted…html#post32911

27. I am in my 4th week of RES 100, dosing at 2.5ml every morning, and it is truly incredible for a natural supplement. I have been using test boosters on and off for 5 years (as part of PCT and solo runs) and this is by far the most effective product I have used to date. My mood, libido, and intensity in the gym have been outstanding. I wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and extremely toey. I have that typical ‘alpha’ feeling you get when you’re on cycle as well. I am always skeptical of an Australian made supplement as there are few that can compete with the big american companies price wise and in terms of effectiveness. However I can’t think of one fault with this product and will be including RES 100 as part of all my future PCT’s.…html#post34911

28. yeah my loads are bigger when on res i think aye, i noticed since stopping the loads have become smaller.…html#post35381

29. Im using res 100 at the moment post cycle. Cant fault this stuff, sex drive is just as strong as it was while ‘on cycle’. Had 3 orgasms last night with this hottie and Im 34, the stuff is a wonder supplement imo. Will get bloods at 6 weeks and see how Ive recovered.…html#post35953

30. Health, strength and motivation right now is amazing, my 24hrs on a heart monitor for my arythmia came back normal, not a beat out of place (I have cut down caffeine ), but I just want to punch on!!…html#post36169

31. My last shot of prop was 11/07 so its been a bit over a month now and feeling great. No crash, sex drive strong as usual and looking forward to getting bloods done in a couple of weeks.…html#post36724

32. Subjectively after 1 week.

: higher energy / motivation levels
: lower stamina Surprisingly tired, after shovelling/moving 15 wheelbarrow loads of Wet Sand, normally I would have enjoyed the workout, but at the end I was just tired and shattered.
: Muscles feel tighter / Pumped.
: Missus says I’m more snappy / irritable

I’ll keep updating in a week or so.

Just coming up to 12 days now ( 2 x 2.5ml per day, plus 1 x Tococap at the same time)
Overall Definitely feel ” better”, more energetic and more bulletproof. I’m very keen to see how this goes over the next 30-60 days, particularly as I implement a resistive exercise program.
The wife and kids have been as sick as dogs, and I got barely a sniffle and when you get a 3y old Coughing in your face – I should have got something :-)
I feel “on” more of the time. And more impulsive
Slight fat loss – Visual evaluation
Sleeping much deeper and restfully

OH – I forgot to mention – in case anyone asks ” hey hows all this affecting the libido….” +11111111 if there was anymore “morning wood” I could change the wifes job description to “lumberjack” Can any one find a study to convince the missus of the benefits of a “afternoon delight”!! we would both ( me and the little man) appreciate the help.…html#post36549

33. Went into it a little concerned that a natty product would get me up and running but the transition from on cycle to off was perfect. Started Res 100 the day after my last test shot ( 29th Jan ) Ive kept my gains and didn’t notice any drop in sex drive.…html#post28147

34. I’m using Res100 for PCT right now. I was also a bit skeptical about using a natural product for PCT. However its been working a treat so far. Still get a morning erection and strength has pretty much stayed the same so it has to be working. Great product.…html#post28220

35. im one horny fucker regardless so it hasn’t changed much there but much bigger loads. but the best thing has been that i dont look like im on cycle but i dont look like im not either, ive been getting really good pumps and haven’t lost any strength, so far its been great.…html#post13962

36. I don’t know how quick this stuff is meant to work but hmmm yeah it’s either quick to work or I’m just naturally on fire. 2 days in and a fairly big load. Lol…html#post14008

37. Going good, I think the major differences I’ve noticed is heavy sleep, changes to my complexion and not sure if its the Res but a cold I have had all winter is completely gone. Have noticed alot of strength in training with less recovery time in between sets. I tell everyone its my liquid motivator. Feel heathy, sleep deeper, complextion is clear.…html#post36877

38. I am now a walking erection lol…html#post15566

39. Have been using the res now for 4 weeks, and thought I would share results so far. So finished 7 week cycle of 500mg test e bout 5 weeks ago, and hit the res straight after. Started at 2.5ml x 2 day, and now at 3.5ml x 2 a day. What I have found: – Sleeping really well – Horny constantly – Still feeling strong in gym – Holding good size given finish cycle and poor diet (low protein) Will def continue to run.…html#post24041

40. I use a supplement popular with steroid users (they take it after a roid cycle to get natty test back up) called resveratrol. Made from the skin of red grapes it is something I found really made a difference with my total testosterone levels. I went from 13 to 23 in the space of a month (normal is anything from 9-32) so i can say it worked for me. I used ‘res 100’ by wicked supplements, its a liquid resveratrol product and is used by sublingual administration. Heaps of studies on resveratrol and testosterone online man…=1#post9848138

41. I’m into week 5 of my res 100 after an 8 week test cycle with hcg and my sex drive is actually stronger now than it was on cycle.…html#post37265

42. I haven’t been sick since taking RES100, AND I have been around snotty nosed coughing children….…html#post37520

43. Im into week 5 of my res 100 after an 8 week test cycle with hcg and my sex drive is actually stronger now than it was on cycle… quite unusual and I cant explain it but loving it all the same lol…html#post37265

44. And if that ever happens, I shall take a loan to buy enough. Never off it, Can’t get enough haha I do 3ml every 12 hours, although I’m 112kg – Seem okay?…html#post42440

45. I have used RES 100 in the past as both part of my PCT and as a solo supplement. Whilst using the minimum dosage of 2.5ml per day I got crazy dry and had the libido of a 14 year old. I recently started using Bioforge V3 and it is no comparison. I’m 7 weeks into my Bioforge cycle and have already PM’d O.N. asking how long I need to wait before I can get back on the RES 100. Will be using the toco caps with my next run too.…html#post42546

46. Day 2 of using res 100. Had heaps of energy in the gym but the muscles couldn’t keep up.…8&postcount=15

47. Just like to say Res is amazing! I’ve never felt this alive since the teenage days!…html#post45426

48.I have been using Res100 for about 4 weeks now and haven’t had any issues with sleep but I do have my 2nd dose at around 4:30pm. Only issue I had was the niggeling little headaches in the first week (due to detox) but once I got over that, I am definitely noticing a general feeling of well being, waking up hard and the boys are always ready for some action so I have no doubt this is some top stuff.…html#post49165

49. I myself have also just started taking it, but noticed my first attempt at getting friendly with the wife, I was an improved version of myself. #6 hours later and 3 doses, I feel bigger in that area when aroused and certainly a massive confidence booster. Is this normal or just placebo? Has anyone else experienced this?…html#post47540

50. now on res100 2.5mls 1x per day for 2.5mins under tongue then swished around gums and swallowed and 2 tococaps at night and feel i slightly more horny.

51. Tococaps, Res, vit D, olive oil and d-aspartic acid. I recommend wearing steel underwear if you follow this.

52. The first few days for me tasted like crap, but i got used to it..and, IT WORKS A TREAT!

53. Res100, worth every dollar (got 2 bottles) will stock up again. I wouldn’t say that I’ve gotten massive or huuuuge, but sleep is good (best thing for me, I’m a shithouse sleeper due to depression and anxiety). Strength has improved considering i’ve been dieting.

54. I’ve used Res100 and found it helped heaps with libido issues I was encountering during PCT.

55. so far i feel like i’m getting a boost from this (and my gf has been extra happy of late) and i’m about 2 weeks in

56. The biggest thing i found was improved sleep and well-being.

57. res is good stuff! i use it every day now, and only once a day serve of 2.5ml. seems to be ok, erections are more frequent, always horny lol.

58. Ok I have been using Res100 + Tococaps for the last three weeks at the tail end of my PCT and have noticed a serious “upswing” in my libido over the last week or so. In fact, when I wake every morning (and also if I wake during the night), I am “up and ready to rock” if you know what I mean??? Now for you youngsters this may not be a stunning feat but I am touching on 50 years now. All I can say is “SCHWINGGGGGGG!”

59. 2nd week on it now, 5ml a day and sleep is way better. im ordering another

60. just put in my order for a second bottle of res100, just had 1.5 weeks off, and definately feeling the difference being off it, libido is much lower along with other things

61. Definately since starting res100 sex drive has shot up. after the last cycle my sex drive was non existent. now it’s back.

62. Not all that long ago I finished a 12 week cycle of test E at 750mg per week. I have always admired O.N for what appears to be a huge amount of knowledge on this matter so was willing to try his pct protocol as opposed to the usual regurgitated nolva/clomid line. I approached O.N about doing a review but the tightarse wouldn’t even give me a discount-which is a good thing because otherwise the credibility of this review would be compromised.

I have to say this PCT has been nothing short of amazing. Im in week 8 and my mood and libido have been great and I’ve been waking up with the good ole morning wood. More impressive however is the strength I have been able to hang on to. Where as my endurance has diminished in pct my strength has maintained. Bench for example I was getting sets of 140×6 and 150x 2 out on cycle where as now I am getting around 140x 4 and 150 singles. Dead lift I was get 230x 2 and now 220 singles

I have to say I am extremely happy so far. People need to open their minds and be aware there are better alternatives. Only a few years ago no one used HCG, now it’s a staple-things change.

63. Letting you all know this is the real deal….. Just wanted to let you know I bought the new res100 and it kicks ass, I’ve been walking around with a hard on every few hours out of the blue…. just like high school days…. fucken great product mate…. good job…

64. From Low testosterone, to HRT to recovery of natural levels with Res100.

BEFORE Testosterone replacement therapy:
The main hormones i had test then were
TSH 1.3mU/L (0.4-4.00)
Prolactin 6ug/L (<15)
LH 2 U/L (3-20)
Oestradiol 47 pmol/L (<150)
Total T 6 nmol/l (5.0-25.0)
free T 11 pmol/L (60.0-130.00)
HDL 1.o9mnol/L above 1.0
LDL 2.22mnol/L below 2.0
ON Testosterone Replacement Therapy:
FSH <0.5
LH < 0.5
glucose, random fl-ox 5.3 (3.0-6.9 nmol/L)
DHea sulphate 9.4 umol/L (4.8 – 13.9)
prolactin 12.4 (<20.0)
oestradiol 168 pmol/L (<150)
Total T 28.8 nmol/L (8.0-30.0)
tsh (mIU/L 1.30 (0.35-5.50)
I started adex after this test.
After TRT new results with Res100 used to recover from TRT.
Prolactin 10 ug/L (<15)
LH 12 u/L (3-20)
FSH 4 U/L (3-20)
e2 130 pmol/L (<150)
total test 26 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
free test 48 pmol/L (60.0-130.0)
SHBG 40 nmol/L (13-71)
DHEAS 3900 ug/L (1000-4000)

I started alot of research on the net came across the power pct and @O.N. im glad i took his advise as its been a smooth transition in coming off trt to natty, i have not lost one bit of libido the whole time and gained some if anything!! I can say the res100 and toco caps did work great for me my loads were huge was always horny and sex was extra sensitive its like i was a virgin again lol this stuff dose work if you stick to it and consume loads of good fat, i take about 50-100ml evoo ed as well as 350g fresh salmon eod and 8 whole eggs ed.

65. Just my 2c worth.This Res100 is good stuff,i have just started taking it with the stack and krill oil. Added strength,sense of wellbeing.More determination.

66. Letting you all know this is the real deal….. Just wanted to let you know I bought the new res100 and it kicks ass, I’ve been walking around with a hard on every few hours out of the blue…. just like high school days…. fucken great product mate…. good job…

67. As promised, here are my test levels from my blood test I had done earlier this week: I was very pleased with my results. Cheers, Dean

After Res100 Blood Test

68. I have used res100 for pct for over a year now and I used it along with superdrol for 4 weeks early in the year because i wanted to stay really dry. I was so scared of testicular atrophy as I couldnt get hcg back then and I didnt want my girlfriend to know I was taking anything but if anything they seemed a little bigger.

69. not sure if this is relevant, but when i first started res100 little while ago (off cycle) i couldv’e sworn my nuts grew in size, definitely bigger than standard.

70. I’ve used Res100 for all the cycles I’ve done in the past couple of years (been about 3-4). I have NEVER had any issues with nut shrinkage or had any inability in the downstairs region – if anything I was twice as active. When I was doing this combo I felt like I wanted to rip into every female I saw, which is hard seeing as I’m engaged lol. As said above you can Definitely feel the difference running Res100 makes.

71. We had a blood test come in recently from a customer which shows within normal LH and FSH and well above normal testosterone which shows he is on cycle at the time of the blood test and that the Res100 is able to keep his LH/FSH within range. He says he is using 500mg test e, with 4 caps res100 and 2 tococaps per day and that this blood test was 4 weeks into his 10 week cycle without any HCG used. Click on blood tests to enlarge

Testosterone            LH/FSH levels
Photo0098 Photo0099






72. I have put on 2.7kg in this 2 week period and the best part is it isnt fat that i have put on.My muscles in my shoulders and traps and arms and chest have all grown aswell as the muscles in my legs.Also more veins which i dont mind lol.Have also noticed a quicker recovery and determination when doing anything for example working around at home or working out etc.Sexlife has been boosted aswell. Also have been sleeping better. This is all good,this stack is great.

73.I have been using res100 for over 3 weeks so far. Using it for PCT, instead of the usual nolva protocol. I will get blood work done a few weeks after I finish the course, however I feel as though my natural levels have already recovered. Drive is good, motivation is good also strength is still up

74. i have used it, it lowered my cholesterol and my good cholesterol went up. i had a very bad cold and cough i couldnt shake and it went within 2 weeks, iv not been ill since. i was ON cycle at the time and used it for the health benefits not the test boost.

75. I have been using it for a month now. Im pretty sure I can notice a difference. Im more energetic, more resilient to fatigue, Im able to train more often, sex drive has improved, mood is also better. I plan on buying some more today or tomorrow.

76. I’ve done bloods and had some improvement. Free test went from 362.64 to 426.37 pmol/L, and that first result I was on DAA + BN’s Test Combination (don’t know what it was before that) the 2nd test is on Res100.

77. Yeah I’m the same jumped off a couple weeks ago to see if there was much difference. Yep, too much, I think I’m going to become a Res100 junkie

78. I’ve made many personal beats on PcT using res100. Squatting much more than when I was on!

79. After my blood work of Testosterone at 9.0 nmol/L pre-cycle, I was quite concerned post-cycle as to how my bloods would return in fear of requiring TRT. At the age of 24 and 3 cycles under my belt I didn’t want to spend my life injecting synthetic testosterone. I was silly enough during PCT to mega dose SERMS and SARMS to try and kick start HPTA as fast as possible as my cycle was a total of 29 weeks, although HCG was used the entire time, I was worried I would not return to normal, which only caused more issues, not to mention complete loss of libido. After using Res100 in combination with Tococaps, D-Aspartic Acid and ZMA, my blood results proved that I was in no need of any TRT. My testosterone returned to a healthy 23.5 nmol/L, Oestrodial at 169 pmol/L, SHBG at 28 nmol/L, LH at 9.7 U/L and FSH at 3.8 U/L. Extremely happy with these results, my libido is in full force, strength has not changed, my physique is no different to how it was on cycle, I recommend this to anyone looking to recover as best as they can.
Click on Blood Tests to Enlarge
  • 9nmol bloods 23.5nmol bloods
  • Before blood tests 9nmol/L
  • After Res100 Blood test 23.5nmol/L

80. The last cycle i came off i just used Res100 and i recovered so much better than i ever did with Nolva or clomid

81. Im using Res100 as my PCT and must say, after a week, it is great. I feel back to normal totally, everything seems to be functioning great.

82. I liked taking both (Res + DAA), as this gave a feeling of dualistic action taking place. I did notice an increase in energy, confidence/aggression, and libido – particularly in the morning. I gained between 1-2 kg of muscle I went from 71 to 73.5kg. The bloods provided me with the evidence that the combination of Res and DAA, had a statistically significant effect on my testosterone level.

Before/After: Click on Blood test to enlarge

Lee Blood test







83. Res100, was perfect for an AI while i was on my big blast. As soon as i stopped i ran into all sorts of problems had to jump onto Arimidex because i needed it now and then and couldnt wait till more res could be shipped out.

84. I have been useing res100 for the last 3 weeks and must say during that time my wife has noticed I’m in a better mood have a little more energy and my sex drive has gone up. So not only am I enjoing, but so is the wife! lol… Will be used as part of my PCT later down the track.

85. Res100 is good stuff.I have used 2 cycles of the Res100 had a week between and now have been off them for a month and will soon be back on it.I started out with the ultimate stack and then had that week off and then back on the Res100.I’m natty so no anabolic roids here.

86. I’ve used Res100 for all the cycles I’ve done in the past couple of years (been about 3-4). I have NEVER had any issues with nut shrinkage or had any inability in the downstairs region – if anything I was twice as active. When I was doing this combo I felt like I wanted to rip into every female I saw, which is hard seeing as I’m engaged lol. As said above you can Definitely feel the difference running Res100 makes.

87. I had two blood tests and my test levels were low. I purchased the ultimate stack from @O.N. and within two weeks i was back in normal ranges. This was also during a low calorie keto diet further affecting my hormones so i can independently confirm that s**t works.I defo plan on taking it when bulking is my goal.

88. Havent been on the Res100 for a few months and got back to taking them late last week and already feel the difference in training and well being.I take 2 caps per day,1 in morning and 1 at night.

89. Cant fault this product. I was taking nothing extra, only the usual vitamins & my sex drive was quite low for a few months. Just not interested. Then I started taking this, sex drive up, mrs happy again. lol

90. Ok so i got my res100 last week, and im surprised at the results… within 2 days Russel the love muscle had awaken from hibernation and is now ready to party. Tbh i thought yeah yeah yeah… everyones test booster is the best blah blah blah…. But this shit woke him up no problem. I will be recomending this product to all the juicers and old fuckers at the gym.. 10/10.

91. I’ve been on RES100 for about a fortnight now and I’m already really impressed by this supp. Best sleep I’ve had in years, noticeably improved libido, feeling even more confident/less anxiety and seems to be recovering better between workouts. I’m really looking forward to my blood test in a few weeks to compare before/after.

92. Res 100 is da bomb, Yep certainly seems to be the bomb. Not taking anything else apart from m/v, moringa, krill, glucosamine and the res stack. And it can’t be cause I’ve just clocked the half century. But setting some P.B’s here for sure. Minister for war and finance very happy.Doing alright in the gym too lol.

93. The new liquid formulation is awesome. About 90mins after I take it, I get a HUGE libido surge and feel like I just need to hump something! 😛

94. I am on meds for depression and anxiety.. These two problems seem to be a thing of the past with res100.. It kills my anxiety dead and puts me in a good mood. It therefore has enabled me to use less of dangerous medications with obvious side effects like anti anxiety pills etc.

95. Just ordered my 3rd lot of Res100 (liquid version) – have also used the tablet version.
Honestly one of my fav supplements I have used – energy, mood, sex drive, strength in the gym are all up when on it – nothing totally out of this world CRAZY – but you can feel a real difference and for me def worth the cash.
As alot of you know I have used alot of supplements – and worked out alot are simply shit – this is not one of them though…good shit @O.N; – will keep buying.

96. Well today is day 11 of RES100 for me, i 62 yo and weigh 160 lbs, the res has woken me up every morning for the last ten days with a solid hard wood this is when i get up and take another 2 ml of the res followed shortly thereafter with my vit E, B 12, Co EQ10 ect ect, with a small protein drink, and then go for a workout which is usually finished by around 4.45 am, this res has rejuvenated me so much that at times i feel like a teenager as i am going about my normal routine day i feel light refreshed and uplifted. my muscles are becoming more refined and pronounced, i am beginning to think that this is the best shit i have ever taken ha ha i am so glad i picked up on the res i am certain the res feeling is only going to get better considering i deliberately placed myself on the lowest dose of 2 ml / am and then another 2 ml / pm, res has really stirred up the workers in my semen factory the production has increased dramatically.

 97. there is no way i can dismiss res100 as it really has me bouncing around with an alive and fresh feeling plus excellent recuperation and a most active libido and therefore i should give credit where it is due kudos to Res 100

98. Got a mate of mine to try a bottle of res he bought from his local supp store and asked him how it was going for him after his first week on it.. Before he could answer his missus chimed in “I’ve been busy because of that stuff” haha

99. I’m on the res for a week now. Do feel better but it makes me horney as he’ll. Terribly frustrated at work all day yesterday. Hopefully it subsides since don’t always have access to gf. Grrrr

100.  Urrr…So 3 doses in (lol) and I’m raving horny. Like the horn is too much to cope with. After 1 day.  I’ve spent my hours walking around unwillingly scaring girls like “Dat Ass” To all of them. Placebo? Dunno, don’t care. It seems to be working either way.

101. Res 100 shines for me in as much as i notice positive results in the first few days of use ie good sleep, relaxed mindset during the day and of course a great surge in libido with an awakening morning wood, in my mind the Res 100 has to be one of the best all round great performing supplements of all time also some competing similar products will have me losing muscle weight but the Res 100 keeps me trim without muscle loss.

102. As a health care professional, and also having a degree in sports science, I always considered myself to be extremely knowledgeable in PCT, and the science behind it. However after an unsuccessful round of PCT, requiring me to stay on Clomid for an extended period of time and having limited recovery, I decided to try the Ultimate Stack as an experiment.
I started the Res100 2 weeks post cycle, and have been on it now for over 4 weeks, and without a doubt, this is unquestionably the best PCT I have ever done.
I feel like I’m still on cycle and my wife doesn’t believe that I’m off cycle!
My mood, my libido, my energy levels…all are awesome!
I will also add, that I’ve been around this game for 20+ years, so I’ve seen and tried nearly every test booster known to man, and res100 is hands down the best thing I’ve tried- I feel like I’m 25 again!
I will also add that I am in no way affiliated with this product, nor have I received any inducement for my comments.
Lastly, to all you young players who may be reading this, certain “bodybuilding” forums have gone out of their way to try and discredit this product…for no reason other than ignorance, so try it for yourself, then make up your own mind.

Regards Vic P.










106.  Hey guys, I thought I’d share my Res100 stack experience.

I started the stack (+ Epic Gainz) just before Christmas and have gradually upped the amount taken (2.5ml, 3.0ml, 3.5ml and now 4ml).

Christmas food aside, I’ve put on around 1kg and am feeling fuller in my muscles – particularly biceps. From a testosterone side of things, it’s a bit different to what I expected. I generally have quite high testosterone and the main changes I have noticed are the morning wood and ability to ‘reload’.

107. i used Res100 for the first time for PCT immediately after 15 days
of my cycle instead of Nolva & clomid and i felt absolutely normal
and my libido was great, kept 80% of my cycle gains and restored my testicles size
in 1 and half month


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