This keeps popping up and I think it needs to be re-explained in a very simple explanation.

Nolva and Clomid are often used in PCT to help re-start the natural production of testosterone. They do work at doing this however they come with a whole host of problems – for the toxic effects have a more detailed read here:

Now how to understand why you shouldn’t use them for PCT
Nolva and clomid are classified as SERM’s (Selective estrogen receptor modulators) the term “selective” means that in some receptors it will block estrogen from attaching and in other receptors it will actually increase estrogen binding.

Both drugs increase testosterone in a trickery type manner, they block the estrogen signal at the brain level. The brain senses you lack estrogen and since estrogen is needed for general health, bone health and even libido the brain goes about making more estrogen. The fastest way to make more estrogen is to make more testosterone which can then be converted into estrogen through aromatase enzymes. You repeat this process of tricking the brain over and over every time you take another tablet.

Here is the problem
Because these drugs are not actually removing any estrogen from the body you have more circulating estrogen, a simple example would be you are blocking it in the breast receptor site and hypothalamus so now that estrogen that would normally be in those areas will have to go and make home somewhere else. So now you have more free circulating estrogen just from blocking it in certain parts of the body….adding even more fuel to that fire because you tricked the brain into thinking you were lacking estrogen when you were not it went about making EVEN MORE estrogen so now you not only have extra estrogen from the receptors you are blocking it in you have actually created even more and this is when the toxic effects start to begin.

The toxic Effects
Many of you will think ahh that wont happen to me, but it is possible these drugs have both been linked to uterine cancer in females (as they are used in breast cancer treatment) it has been shown within 24hrs of the first dose to have toxicological effects in the endometrium. The uterus shares the same embryonic line as a males prostate (there isn’t much evidence in males since we do not often get breast cancer especially enough people to participate in a male breast cancer study) however as shown in male rats that have received these drugs they all developed prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Along with this the FDA and the drug maker Astra Zenica have both told Doctors these drugs are linked to uterine cancer, liver cancer, fatty liver disease, ocular problems leading to cataracts of the eyes and Testicular cancer.

You cannot discount the facts
These drugs increase circulating estrogen and this is one of the reasons these drugs have toxic problems. They are meant for breast cancer treatment not PCT. In breast cancer the goal is life extension so an example is you are hanging off a cliff about to die and in order to save your life we have to amputate your leg….then so be it now you live a little longer……life extension….not a cure.

Testosterone creation simplified
It is beyond easy to make more testosterone, we know that telling the brain you lack estrogen will force it to make more testosterone to convert into estrogen so simple things like AI’s (Aromatase inhibitors) which actually remove estrogen from the body will work much safer than a SERM, although the drug based versions are very strong and should be used in limited doses at least they don’t make you have an excess of circulating estrogen.

Beyond the drug world there are plenty of natural AI’s which work really well, as said the goal is simple remove some estrogen from the body make some more testosterone…..pretty simply Resveratrol, DIM, chrysin, 7,8 benzoflavone are all natural Aromatase inhibitors they all remove estrogen from the body and this will increase your production of testosterone.

Beyond the estrogen side of things you can start effecting other areas of testosterone creation like cholesterol transfer into the testes through supplementation with DAA, you can go even deeper now with this and effect the NMDA receptor to make more LH/FSH and cholesterol transfer with TransSynergy DAA.

At the end of the day it is your body and your choice what you put into it, just be sure you fully understand what you are taking and the risks it involves before taking it.

For PCT i would recommend Res100, TransSynergy DAA, TocoCaps i would also be sure to increase your healthy fat intake (krill oil, Extra virgin olive oil…etc) since cholesterol is needed to make testosterone and steroids/orals/prohormones are all known to drastically mess with your cholesterol levels.