Recently we were able to see an outstanding blood result of 54nmol/L of testosterone normal lab range (8-32) with a very strict stack and diet that was followed. The Person who got the result was Adam Blinoff IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, he can be contacted to confirm his result at his store in DeeWhy Fitness First NSW.

Over the last few month Adam and Wicked Supplements looked into what aspects of testosterone creation you can effect in a positive way through your diet and supplementation. The stack we have used we think can still be influenced to go higher as we didn’t effect all area’s of testosterone creation but we did effect most of them.

Here is how the body makes testosterone so you can understand of how you can positively effect testosterone creation.

1. The hypothalamus releases GNRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone)
2. This GNRH hits the pituitary and stimulates the release of LH and FSH
3. LH and FSH hit the leydig cells within the testes to stimulate the cells to produce testosterone.
4. The leydig cells then recruit cholesterol to be transported into the cells to be converted into testosterone.
5. The hypothalamus reads how much testosterone is in the system and makes a choice to make more or less testosterone.

These 5 points is basically the HPTA (hypothalamus pituitary testicular axis) your daily rhythm or circle of testosterone creation.

Now this is how the right diet and supplementation can effect all aspects of these 5 areas.

Res100 as most of you know effects both estrogen and the negative feedback loop so that basically covers points 1,2,5. Effecting the feedback loop here is by far one of the most important reasons why Res100 is as powerful as it is, putting it into a totally different category to other testosterone boosting supplements. Where other test boosters can only take you to a certain testosterone level and then a signal from the testes is received by the hypothalamus and testosterone creation is reduced and nothing further is made. This is where Res100 takes over and takes you much higher in making more testosterone than you otherwise would normally.

LH and Cholesterol, We need to make the most out of LH and we want healthy cholesterol levels in the body, the more healthy fats you consume the better your cholesterol levels will be and the more cholesterol you will have available to be converted into testosterone. Testosterone is made from cholesterol, cholesterol is the food source your body needs to make testosterone. So up your healthy fat intake krill oil, fish oil, Extra virgin olive oil…ect etc.

TocoCaps increases the potency of your LH that is released if you see this study here it explains:
What TocoCaps also does is not only increase the potency of your LH but the uptake of LH into the leydig cells and decreases your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL) which is exactly the type of environment we want to create in order to make more testosterone. So basically you will have a higher potency LH more uptake of LH by the leydig cells and better cholesterol levels.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), now with this you must make sure you get the extra virgin as it is the least heat treated and most virgin of all types of olive oil, what this does is increase good cholesterol and by doing so it also decreases bad cholesterol (LDL), the higher the output of LH you create with your supplement stack the more and more cholesterol is going to be required. To take this simply add 20ml to your shake or put it on top of your foods. Based on how well your stack is working you are going to need to slowly increase this amount from 20-50mls maybe even higher, Adam was at the end of his stack at about 90mls per day. Do not heat the oil as some of it may convert into trans fats. If you are worried about the extra calories it is usually only 8cals per ml you can drop some carbs from somewhere in your diet, but EVOO will in most cases help you burn more body fat as it is a phenol like DNP.

D-Aspartic acid as many of you know there was an italian study which showed it increased testosterone levels by 42% on average, what most people and supplement companies didn’t look into was the mechanism of how it worked and how you can make this not the vital part to your stack but simply a part of it to help in the HPTA axis. D-aspartic acid is the amino acid that increases the transport protein sTAR this protein transports all that cholesterol into the leydig cells to be converted into testosterone so the more D-aspartic acid that is in the body the more cholesterol can be transported into the leydig cells and converted into testosterone.

ZMA many many people over look how good ZMA is and why you need it, a normal male will sweat out Zinc and Magnesium each day and we need to replace it, if you have a look at you can see that you need 11mg of Zinc and 400mg of magnesium per day the only supplement i have found to have enough of each is the patented version of ZMA which we now sell.

On top of this you should be eating fish at least 3 times per week if possible and consuming a good multi vitamin, if you are on a calorie restricted diet then testosterone levels will always be less than normal due to the body making a choice of what is a priority, survival eg: breathing, heart function etc or hormone production. The only other detrimental factor in trying to get your levels as high as possible is steroid, alcohol or drug abuse where the leydig cells within the testes have had a hard life and simply don’t want to work in full capacity and/or some of the cells have died or are damaged.

This may all sound like an ad to make you buy 4 different supplements and yeah it will probably help sell them all together but the science is right here staring you in the face.566x296-Ulti-+-ZMA

Here is the stack if you are interested:


Next on our trials that we are doing to try and get an even better result is going to try and effect SHBG to see if we can create more free unbound testosterone. But as far as this stack goes so far it is by far the best result we have seen effecting so many aspects of testosterone creation, gone are the days of just lowering estrogen.
The crux of the stack is the res100 without it, the levels wouldn’t be possible and then i would put EVOO as the 2nd most important aspect without the good cholesterol there in your body you just wont have the food source to convert into testosterone.