The below reviews have been collected from people using Epic Gainz the first 6 reviews are from a trial we run where we got people to log their results. Each review is linked to the forum it was posted on.

king_rick 1. Weighed 97.1 today. After being stuck on 95-96 for around 2-3 weeks pretty happy.
1.2 I’m having a full extra meal per day and snacking like cray between meals, waking up hungry as fk etc
1.3 98kgs this morn
1.4 Grip is up a bit not so hard to hold onto bent over rows, heavy lat pulls etc.
1.5 98.8kg this morn, official end of cycle start res100 today.
How much of a gain and in what time period is that?
1.6 Over about 10-11 weeks from start of 15 wk cycle went from 85 to 95, gains slowed reasonably, started epi around wk 11 or 12 and have gone up to 98.8 since starting
So an extra 3.8kg at the end of a cycle on top of a 10kg gain……so 13.8kg….thats insane man
1.7 99.3 kegs this morn, this has been my rest week and still eating big, back to gym tomorrow to keep this strength going.
1.8 101 kegs this morn.
1.9 Still around 99.4 kegs 2 weeks into PCT, I started with 2ml 2xed and did 4ml 2xed for a few weeks I think, then back to 2ml 2xed after some research


sk8master 2. The last two days ive been getting much hungrier than usual. So looks like I am upping my food intake is any one else getting hungrier ?
2.2 One week in now, weigh 81.9 that’s +0.3kg measurements went up slightly only by like half a cm here and there. Im still hungry and Ive been feeling fuller and muscles are much harder to the touch kinda feels like a small muscle pump feeling all the time.
2.3 My work out last night was sick felt like i had endless energy, lifted all my wieghts with ease and got big pumps might just be because im eating more but that said ive been eating more now for nearly a week and last night was the firt time that i felt like the hulk training lol ill see what the next few are like
2.4 Okay week 2 done im now sitting on 83.3kg thats +1.7kg since starting, my appetite is still strong. Some measurements are up half a cm again so ive now gained upto 1cm on certain measurements whoo hoo. My waist is still the same which tells me my body fat is still roughly the same as thats always the first place i put fat on so im thinking and hoping that 1.7kg is mostly muscle
2.5 Rito week 3. Came in at 84kg thats a +2.4 kegs, legs went up another .5cm so thats +1.5cm, arms stayed the same at+1cm and waist went up 1cm so that means a lil fat prob due to a few to many beers over the weekend. I still feel fuller and hunger levels have stayed the same since week 2.


stretch 3. Just got in from doing my back workout and noticing a definite increase in grip strength
3.2. After a blistering arms workout tonight the right arm measured 19 inches and the left just a touch under

3.3 Got accused of being on the gear yesterday by my leading hand if that’s anything to go by.

3.4 found my grip strength went up,, body weight will check tomorrow but jeans and shirts are tighter,, put an inch on my arms from the time I started taking it

projectpete 4. Last night I ate my usual brown rice and 4-500g green curry chicken.
It usually fills my 1.8-2l mixing bowl I call my dinner plate. Started eating it and thought FK this will be tough, before I knew it the bowl was empty….. Less than half hour later I was soo hungry I was raiding the fridge again
4.2 Hmmm still getting hungry! Training was different, had good explosive energy with everything

This is the shit!
Warmed up with 20kg x 20 reps WTF??????
25kg x 12 reps
30kg x 7 reps
30kg x 8 reps

This is meant to be a baseline DB curl, hence seated and I make it a PB???!!!!

I struggle with getting a GREAT pump on biceps, usually overload the tendons unless I’m doing cable preacher curls. I had an amazing pump throughout all biceps exercises
Lots of dropsets and could even do some nice slow over-pumped empty EZ-Bar curls at the end.
Now the forearms were carved from stone, could not compress the muscle in my flexor seven with these strong hands.

4.3 Day 8:
Fuck me I get hungry with this stuff, Hmm I’m hungry again….. Time to eat lol

4.4 Still feel strong on this product, pump is very good, actually pump is unreal, I can even get a great pump under a flex when it’s hot. Oh and I’m still fairly lean holding 95kg. Shoulder striations and veins are off the hook :-)

4.5 The pump I’m feeling in this stuff is like slin, straight from the first set of leg extensions I knew this was different. Also I don’t sweat that much at gym but tonight I was soaked, it’s like being on a fat burner.


just hammerd a shoulders and biceps workout! What did I think of it??!!
It was like training on a combo of Tren and insulin.
Throwing shit around like it was nothing and the pump… OMFG THE PUMP WAS INSANE!!!!!
Everything swelled up full of blood and I almost didn’t recognise myself lol
I haven’t had a workout like this in a looong time.
I struggled at times to lift because the muscle bellies were so full they couldn’t move properly, rear delts in the reverse pec deck… Holy friggin shitballs!!! Oucha! A quick regroup and the strength was back better than ever, ones gotta be pretty chuffed doing seated lateral raises with 25kg each arm!
And don’t get me started on the biceps, I actually dropped the weights trying to re rack them when my forearms over pumped and I lost all finger strength.
You’re on a winner here big man!!!!

4.7 Well I’m officially 3.5 weeks into this trial
It’s definitely working as described.
I’m going to run another 2 weeks but will cease there.
Being off cycle I’m loving the on cycle feel THIS IS THE BEST LEGAL SUPPLEMENT IVE EVER USED BY FAR!

4.8 there is definitely no denying the 3 week growth in the legs!




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4.9 Upper body transformation in a month




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5. Ive come off cycle about 3/4 weeks ago, was weighing 84 on cycle. recently weighed myself today and im 86. im a bit softer looking. which is understandable, but usually when i run cycles i drop weight not increase. diet is exactly the same since on cycle. im not as lean i seem to be maintaining strength too. cant guarantee its this stuff.. but i wont be dropping it soon just incase..

6. I did not think the supplement was working for me but when I took my measurements today I have put on 1.5kgs while dropping body fat, I have lost 4 cms off my waist and I can see in the mirror that I have lost fat there.




















Michael 1 week

Michael 1 week comment











11. I have been on for about 1.5 weeks and I am definitely looking a lot fuller (cutting atm), but my God is this making me hungry hahaha.


12. This stuff is amazing!!

I can really feel a much better pump going on. I also look a lot fuller which @O.N. has explained in the above post.











15. After being on Res100 and Epic Gainz for almost a week now. My focus and drive in the gym has increased a lot. Where I would usually do my sets and leave I am now trying to think of what else I can do (and doing it) after the prescribed sets.
This usually leaves me walking/jelly legging out of the gym every session with an amazing sense of gratification.

16. Had a shoulder and triceps session yesterday. Had a CRAZY pump going in my delts, but ended up cutting the triceps short due to time.
Hunger is still going freakin insane, and my biceps still feel like they have a pump from the other day!


IMG_2188smallBodybuilder Ewan McKay; Less than 24 hours after starting I was noticeably fuller. Training legs the pump was better, I squeezed out a few more reps on all exercises compared to the previous week’s Leg session and recuperation time between sets was reduced. Overall the quality of the Leg session was much improved compared to those of recent weeks. What was even more surprising was the upper body pump, during a leg session. At the end of the first 4 week trial my bodyweight had increased by 2kg while keeping body-fat levels the same. Energy levels during workouts were better and muscle fullness was noticeably improved. Also to note putting on muscle weight at my advanced level of training usually takes a long time. I feel Epic Gainz is a valuable addition to my contest stack, allowing me to ramp up the cardio and nutrition side of prep while maintaining my hard earned muscle mass. Whether in off season bulking or contest mode I am recommending Epic Gainz to all my customers/competitors who want to push their results To The Max!






18. Grip strength was the first thing I noticed from epic gainz… Things are just easier to hold.

19. Just wanted to chime in and say that for the first time in my life I have felt a good leg pump. I have had lactic acid burn in my legs many times but never that thickness of a pump like I have with my upper body. It was strange to think to myself that my legs actually felt heavier. It was nice. Epic Gains was the only difference in my training variables lately. In the last month I’ve been doing seven sets to near failure. I can see in my training log that the reps per set have increased better than in the previous month and I’ve noticed my lats are bigger. Additionally, I feel less sore and my power stays good through out my full body style workout.

20. Definitely looking fuller and more dense in the shoulders and arms and a bit more vascular me thinks. I’m surprised the amount of weight I’ve been able to hoist with relative ease on most lifts compared with previous lifts before Christmas. I’ve managed to set P.B’s particularly cleans, deads and various D.B. presses/ Rows. Did some hack Squats the other day and was able to keep piling on plates each set culminating in 6 reps @ 180 kg’s on my 6th set and that’s after leg extensions! Amazing.









22. Update: Epic Gainz and Res100 are proving to me the most solid natty stack I’ve used I a while. Things I have noticed so far is my recovery is a lot faster. I’m not sure why but some lower back pains have pretty well disappeared. I’m not as stiff in the morning. I’m also thinking about getting laid more than usual… And hitting the old lady up for a quick one more often. When I take Epic 30 minutes before my work out power production stays steady all the way through my workout.

It’s a very subtle effect. It’s not like a prohormone run where after a couple weeks in you feel like a beast. It’s more of a sense that you can make steady progression faster then without it. Additionally, you just feel better all around which makes me think I will run this for awhile. The E.G. I’ll probably just continue straight through while I cycle on and off the res100. Additionally, I cycle my carbs with four low carb days with no dip in strength which is atypical for me while trying to cut.

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dean day 1-12-20

Just wanted to post this and show a comparison of how I looked at the start and now 20 days later. I haven’t changed my diet or training program during this time. The only change has been taking 4ml of Epic Gainz twice per day (morning and pre-workout).

I’ve notified a significant change in vascularity especially when training a really nice pump and my weight is up 3kg. I definitely feel more energised since starting it. I’ve just ordered myself another bottle and will continue using for a while. I’m curious to see how I go with it. If something is working this well, why stop now right?





24. Since I’ve started epic I’ve noticed in my training log that my volumes for a given time (density) are consistently increasing and following my plan of progression (adding a few pounds to my main lifts like squats and dead lifts every work out) has been easier feeling. It’s very satisfying.

25. Just ran out of the first bottle and on to the second bottle. Best thing so far is that despite my diet which is low carb, my strength doesn’t waiver as much as without EG. Also, I ran out of Res100. I’m holding off a couple of weeks before starting it back up per the suggestions. I’m also going to run it at a higher dose to see if makes me feel any different. I don’t know if it’s anything I’m doing, but I’ve noticed that over the last month I’ve had more dreams or I’m remembering having more dreams. It’s interesting.








27. Just checking in: Strength gains and pumps keep on coming. A skeptical view could be that I was due some gains from switching my training parameters around, and I might agree, but, I’m making these gains while following a low carb diet with a fairly good calorie restriction (carb note solution). I’m down fifteen pounds since the beginning of January and my strength is up. Not bad for a natty sup ;-).

28. So, I want to say that I did not expect, honestly, that this product would work like such a charm. I’m at 192 and hardly adding any fat. If I am ever in the 190’s it’s bcuz I’m FAT. I see a lot of veins also. And strength was brutal. I repped out to 8 reps in front squats 225 pounds, which is a pr!! I was hoping to keep my gains from my 3 week cycle. I am stronger and I see more vascularity and HEAVIER every week. Beyond what I was on hormones.












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