Name: Ewan McKay
Height: 178cm
Contest Weight: 95-97kg
Off Season Weight: 109kg
Age: 44yrs
Years Training: 31yrs
Arm Measurement: 19.5″ inches.






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Wicked Supplements has asked me to pencil a few words on my own experience with their new product  Epic Gainz. I told him I was too busy but then he offered to fly down and mow my lawns, so here goes.

I’ll just focus on my results. The first batch of Epic that I trialled was during a Post contest period (excess calories) while the current lot is being implemented during comp preparation (calorie restriction). We will examine them separately.

Trial 1: Usually my training/ nutrition/ sleep is like ground hog day. Only by being this structured have I managed to put any meat on this once skinny frame. This structured approach does however create the perfect environment for trialling new supplements as every other variable is standardised as much as is possible.

First thing to note is Epic Gainz kicks in quickly for me. Less than 24 hours after starting I was noticeably fuller as more water and nutrients were shuttled into all muscle groups. While training legs the pump was better, I squeezed out a few more reps on all exercises compared to the previous week’s Leg session and recuperation time between sets was reduced. Overall the quality of the Leg session was much improved compared to those of recent weeks. What was even more surprising was the upper body pump, during a leg session. Obviously it wasn’t as pronounced as legs themselves but still impressive.

Moving on to week 2 of the trial, ground hog day uncharacteristically went out the window. A week of travel, Birthday parties, restaurants and hotel gyms was not the best scenario for improving the physique. While maintaining the Epic Gainz dosing schedule throughout the week the damage was however minimized. Surprisingly strength and muscle fullness were still good and I cranked out 4 good (hotel gym) workouts. Weeks 3 and 4 life returned to normal and I managed to undo the damage of the week away.

At the end of the first 4 week trial my bodyweight had increased by 2kg while keeping body-fat levels the same. Energy levels during workouts were better and muscle fullness was noticeably improved. Unfortunately there was no more Epic gainz available at that stage so over the course of the next few weeks muscle fullness went back to normal and I dropped 1kg. To be expected really, though I retained 1kg and was pretty happy with that considering the week 2 turmoil. 1kg may not seem much to some people but go buy a kilo of steak and see how much muscle it really is. Also to note putting on muscle weight at my advanced level of training usually takes a long time.

Trial 2: This trial finds me in contest prep however the effects are much the same. Basically the comp diet this time around is low carb 6 days and 1 day of monster clean carb eating. Low carb days are between 70g and 130g which is low for a 110kg male. High carb day is 1000 grams of clean, belly distending carbs. I’ve been dieting this way for 5 weeks before starting the Epic Gainz for the 2nd time. Muscle fullness is high after the carb refeed day (who would have thought!) . However since re-introducing the Epic Gainz muscle fullness doesn’t drop off as much as usually is the case after several low carb days. Usually by day 5 and 6 of low carbs I’m starting to feel and look flat, plus have trouble maintaining a pump during training. This negative consequence of dieting is reduced nicely with the Epic Gainz.

In Summary I feel Epic Gainz is a valuable addition to my contest stack, allowing me to ramp up the cardio and nutrition side of prep while maintaining my hard earned muscle mass. Whether in off season bulking or contest mode I am recommending Epic Gainz to all my customers/competitors who want to push their results To The Max!